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 Drumfilters and Discfilters

The Circle ( drum ) is the most natural form to turn and to sieve!                                                                                  

Available in 50 standard measures/types:

Filteraerea per filter up to 26m2. Meshsize from 10-1800 microns.  Flow 10-10.000 m3 /h.

Special filterpanels; easy to change, special celstructure in filterpanels gently lifts
particles and avoids break up of solids. ( No washing machine effect )                                





Robust and simple design with few moving parts for long a lifetime and less maintenance

Small footprint, especially suitable for polishing effluent wwtp

Big filterarea in 1 machine, up to 240 m2





Testfilter with tanks

Nereda Ede, WWTP ( DHV, polishing test)


Testmodel in container: filtersurface 16 m2