Multivis Waterbehandeling B.V.

Multivis is in wastewater treatment and recirculated fishfarming (RAS) for more than 30 years.
We specialize in:

-   Removal of solids. Sludge thickening. Dewatering.  Polishing effluent. Through: Drumfilters, Discfilters
     and Beltfilter. These Microsreens have proved to be very effective. 

-   Biological filtration, including Nitrification and Denitrification  through Tricklingfilters and
     MBBR ( Moving bed filters ). We sell filtermaterial for movingbed filters, tricklingfilters
     and strippers.

-  Oxygenation. Stripping. Aeration. Through: Deepshafts, LHO ( Low head oxygen reactors)
    Discdiffusers, Tubediffusers, Aerationhose.

-  Oxy guard and regulating equipment. Dosing panels for oxygen.

-  Recirculated Aquaculture Systems with an innovative design and quality products only

The systems and products, proved themselves in practice and are simple in design and operation.
A high return on investment and your succes is most important.
Our knowledge and equipment can serve you (as) well.

We are working to translate everything into English